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Hi my name is Yanglai Tang, I was born in the winter of 1988, in a small town on south of Jiangsu, China. I have been very interested in computer since I was small. When I was in junior high school, I partcipated computer competition of my town. Later, I chose the major software engineering in my univercity, and during this time, I developed my hobbies of science fiction story and filme, and hope one it will come true. What's more, due to my univercity is in Sichuan provice, I enjoyed the delicious food there.
I am a ordinary man, who love life, like to help others, treat people sincerely.

Contact Details

Yanglai Tang
442740302@qq.com tangyl@tangyl.com


University of Life

University of Electronic Science and Technology of Chengdu September 2007

In universities, broad interests, elective Japanese law, movies and so on. Usually love reading, often to read books from the library, extensive books kind, involving expertise, world classics, mythology and other countries. Reading makes me develop good habits of self-study, but also enriched my college life. Juniors participated in the Microsoft certification exams, has been Microsoft MCP certification. Been to Beijing Fujitsu senior Chongqing Branch practice, the use of java language section of the module of the banking system. During college, often organize group activities, such as organizing dinner, organized class festivals. Participate in some social welfare activities, during the earthquake, the materials center near the school had been a volunteer.


Project Manager

Jiangsu Kiliway Electronic Technology Co Ltd October 2012 - Present

Kiloway is a chip-based networking company. I worked as technical manager position on the inside, application development aspects of things, mainly used Vs2013 and MSSQL development. The main development language is C #. At the same time it comes to Eclipse C ++ Java Android HTML and so on. Also related to hardware, such as: WinCe handset, wireless radio cards, NFC mobile phones, the brand of card reader, brake controller, access controller. Main led the team to develop the project are: "Smart Card System stadium", "home-school", "commodity security system", "materials management monitoring system", "national secret SM7 algorithm." During the development of amateur multiple systems, Such as: the traditional security systems, anti-counterfeiting security labels paper Chuanhuo system, involving the security code encryption algorithm development "RSA encryption algorithm," the security code management tools, security code verification site. Anti-changing Web security management system customers use handheld anti-changing security system (customers). Hardware involved are handheld, voice cards, paper label printer. GPS tracking system merchandise, backstage use Baidu Map SDK + MVC3 development, client development using Android.

Software Engineer

Jiangyin HuiZhong Network Technology Co Ltd February 2012 - October 2012

Huizhong Network Technology Co., Ltd. mainly ad networks and electricity supplier based company, I am responsible for the electricity supplier backend system development and system maintenance functions, in the meantime developed according to the needs of commodity logistics tracking systems, traffic analysis system, Order data analysis system, and also learned some knowledge of server maintenance.Work six months later, the company launched a server rental service and registered office, I was transferred to this company is responsible for leasing order system, control server lease beginning to the end of the leasing process. According to the company's needs, has developed a customer self-service system and the server status monitoring system, using a self-taught Asp MVC3 Linq JQuery Html page and development background.


After graduation,mainly engaged in C # based work, beginning to do is C / S structure of the restaurant ordering system, and B / S structure of the electricity supplier WebForm Administration Web site. Later contact with things, related to software and hardware interaction. Occasionally do some C ++ development DLL, and Android App available upon request.

  • C#
  • C++
  • Java
  • PHP
  • .Net(WinForm WebForm WebService MVC)
  • Android
  • jQuery
  • Html
  • Sql Server
  • DevExpress Control

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